Our Program

Dao Group offers a variety of therapeutic and educational services for children and families. Dao Group specializes in treating children and teens who are victims of the cycle of abuse and neglect in the homes from which they come. Services are provided from ages 5 to 17 years old for our Therapeutic Family Treatment Homes and ages 17 to 21 years old for our Independent Living Program. A core belief of Dao Group is that struggling youths have simply reversed many of life's principles of success living by accepting society's trend to justify and minimize personal behavior. To counter this trend, we believe personal accountability and responsibility are vital principles for a foundation of successful living.


We call it The Real Life Independent Program.

This program integrates and reinforces individual accountability in all aspects of children's and teens' lives.

The Real Life Transition Program

Children and teens learn the value of money management, budgeting, work ethic, problem solving, and independence which cultivates self-worth and confidence. Once children and teens learn to value themselves and improve their behavior, academics naturally improve.


Youths Jobs

Part of the Dao Group experience involves the development of a strong work ethic. Work ethic is fostered by personal responsibilities which include hygiene, laundry, clothing inventory, and maintaining individual living areas. As students progress through the program levels, they are entrusted to take on additional responsibilities. Students learn to prioritize and balance school, work, and leisure activities within the structured daily schedule.



Dao Group will also provide various sports like football, soccer, baseball, etc as activities for our youth who wants to pursue different sports. We will also add to our program Martial Arts. Martial Arts builds a child's character and develops good mannerisms. It also builds a child's self confidence and teaches discipline. Dao Group believes that martial art is totally committing the improvement of many mental disciplines such as confidence, perseverance, respect, self-discipline, and focus. These principles alone can help a child or youth on the road to success in life.


Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

Dao Group provides in-home behavioral health services to individuals 5-99 years old. These services are designed to help individuals and families become healthier by learning to live their lives to the fullest and learning to cope effectively to distress. Dao Group employs highly educated professional to work with a clients specific needs.


Dao Program Strengthening Groups

  • Skills Building: Anger management, effective communication, emotion regulation, and social skills.
  • Education Advancement: Complete secondary education, post-secondary advancement and/or trade schools.
  • Empowering the Self: Focuses on external an internal qualities, self-esteem, and self-respect.
  • Character Building: Focuses on honest, respect, fairness, responsibility, kindness, and moral reasoning.
  • Recreation: Includes exercise, field trips, and community events.


What else is offered?

  • Psychiatric and Psychological evaluation
  • Family Therapy improves communications between family members; helps a parent set realistic guidelines and increases the family's problem solving skills
  • Parent Skill Training enhances the parent-child relationship and assists parents to deal more effectively with day to day issues and problems
  • Group Activities provides a supportive environment for individuals to work together on similar concerns
  • Positive incentives and rewards
  • Special tracks for the older youth including recovery/prevention from substance abuse as well as job readiness skills and independent living
  • It is more appropriate to work with a child 1:1 teaching basic living or psychosocial rehabilitation skills in the community or home setting


We pride ourselves in focusing on exceptional treatment and making sure that "children come first."


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