Vehicle Donations

Dao Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization committed to helping troubled children and teens transform themselves into healthy and productive adults. Donate your old car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or RV and help Dao Group improve the lives of these youths. It's fast, free, convenient and tax deductible. Your car donation can make a difference!


Why Donate?

Dao Group car donation is fast, free, tax deductible, and you'll feel good knowing that your donation will help Dao Group accomplish its mission: help us break the cycle of child abuse and help the children embrace a future that is full of the hope and promise they all deserve.


Selling vs. Donating Your Car

  • - Feeling good about helping a child find their way.
  • - Your donation is tax deductible. Please consult a tax advisor to determine how a donation may affect you.
  • - Dao group accepts any car, running or non-running.
  • - Boats, RV's and motorcycles are also accepted in most cases.
  • - Dao Group has convenient drop-off locations if you wish to drive in your vehicle.
  • - Donors must have title with no outstanding liens for their donated vehicles.
  • - Dao Group provides free towing.
  • - No unwanted buyers coming to your home.
  • - Avoid costly repair bills and advertising expenses.
  • - No smog/emissions/inspection certificate required.
  • - You may not be able to sell your car for what you want. Donate your vehicle and we'll pick it up!


Dao Group for Children - Donate Your Vehicle

How to Donate

Dao Group has strived to make the car donation process easy and pleasant for vehicle donors. To donate your vehicle, you can complete our easy-to-use online donation form, or call Dao Group toll-free at (877) 435-6030 and our friendly staff will walk you through the car donation process. Either way, you will find the process quick and easy.

Once we have your car donation information, one of our towing companies will contact you to schedule a convenient date to pick up your vehicle. When the towing company arrives to pick up your vehicle, they will also pick up the title and keys for the vehicle.

If you are not going to be home when the vehicle is picked up, you will need to advise the towing company specifically where in the vehicle you will be leaving the title and keys. The towing company will leave you a towing receipt showing that your vehicle was picked up on behalf of the Dao Group Car Donation Program. Once Dao Group is in possession of your donated vehicle and title, we will mail your IRS tax-deductible donation receipt in approximately 5-10 days.


Online Vehicle Donation Form

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